7 Star Wars Browser Games that Will Get Your Midichlorians Hopping

You’re a Star Wars geek, right? Or maybe a Star Wars nerd? Or both?

Me too.

We have all the movies, stash action figures in quiet corners around the house, read Star Wars books and movies, frequent Star Wars forums, play Star Wars games.

And yet … sometimes you want something different … something more.

If that sounds familiar, I invite you to check out the world of Star Wars browser games if you haven’t already.

These babies aren’t as sophisticated as the masterpieces you’ll find at your local arcade or on your even more local PlayStation, but they have a few things going for them:

  • You can play them anytime and anywhere you can get online.
  • Most (all?) of them are free.
  • Many of them have a tremendous retro feel to them — big bonus if you’re old like Grumps (that’s me).

To help you walk down this new path, then, I hereby present seven Star Wars browser games — or libraries of Star Wars browser games — sure to eat up hours of your time.

Beware, though, because once you start with these, your availability for browsing cat videos will virtually disappear.

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Star Wars Miniature Roguelike

Star Wars Miniature Roguelike

This entry is a throwback and homage to early text-based PC role-playing games, with a few more modern graphics and sound clips thrown into the mix.

Choose from Jedi or Sith, and you’re presented with a paper-War-like screen, with a battlefield — or space landscape, as it were — represented by various keyboard symbols.

From there, you get all the sorts of things you might expect from an old-school RPG — on-screen hints, health status bars, cheesy encounters (Mickey Mouse!), and unseen pitfalls.

This is pure unsophisticated but addictive fun.

Check out Miniature Roguelike here.

Mi9 Games Star Wars Library

Mi9 Star Wars Games

This is not a single Star Wars game, but rather a library full of the Force and the fury, the Jedi and Jar Jar.

Take note, though — while there are nearly 300 games in this collection as presented, only the first 30 or so are actually Star Wars games.

Those still offer a huge variety, however, from Yoda’s Jedi training grounds to X-Wing fighter missions to the Jawa Junkyard to Star Wars Rebels Strike Missions.

As you might expect, some of these games are better than others, but all of them will give you a Star Wars fix right from your browser.

Check out the games here.

Disney Official Star Wars Games

Dont Let the Wookie Win

Sometimes, the best way to find what you’re looking for is to just go to the source.

And when it comes to Star Wars in the 2010s, the undisputed source is Disney.

So it’s not surprising to see Disney get involved in the online gaming, um, game with their LOL web pages. There you’ll find fun stuff involving all sorts of Disney properties, but we’re most interested in the Star Wars game library … right?

The 14 offerings in the Disney Star Wars arcade run the gamut from Solo Shuffle to Don’t Let the Wookie Win to Star Wars Rebels Ghost Raid.

There are even crossovers like Agent P Rebel Spy and Phineas & Ferb Droid Masters.

Not the greatest or most sophisticated Star Wars games ever, but still worthy time-wasters when you need to get your Force on.

Check out the games here.

Star Wars Combine

Star Wars Combine

If you like your online games a little more interactive than just you, your browser, and a couple of Star Wars action figures sitting on your desk as an audience, then Star Wars Combine might be a perfect choice for you.

Here, let’s have the website itself describe what this thing is all about:

The Star Wars Combine is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing simulation game based on the Star Wars Universe, developed by amateurs in their spare time. This sentence summarises the concept behind this project, and great care must be taken with each and every word.

If you read a bit further (unpack), you’ll find that the Star Wars Combine is truly expansive:

  • Create-your-own characters
  • Skill levels in five categories
  • More than fifty career groups to choose from
  • 4000-plus planets to explore
  • 2100-plus-member community

Lots of fun to be had here, even if the interface feels a bit dated.

Heck, because the interface feels a bit dated.

It’s a “long time ago,” remember.

Check out the Star Wars Combine here.

Lego Star Wars Web Games

Star Wars Lego Web Games

If you grew up in the 1970s or 1980s, the explosion of Lego Star Wars toys may seem a bit foreign to you.

After all, we had action figures, a few play sets, a couple vehicles, and nothing else.

“Lego” consisted of a few mismatched blocks picked up at garage sales here and there, and we were lucky if we could build a lopsided doghouse from the scraps.

But the modern Lego-Star Wars marriage is one of the most popular toy crossovers of all time, and there is some great stuff out there. The duo has also capitalized on their success by moving out of the pure toy realm to include cartoons, videos, apps … and games.

While there is a healthy selection of Lego Star Wars video games you can buy for the various game systems, Lego also offers up a couple of apps and online games that you can play for free.

In the browser, for example, you can take on the Lego Star Wars Battle Run or the Lego “The Last Jedi” 360 Experience.

Don’t leggo your Lego.

Check out the games here.

Star Wars: Dark Forces from Classic Reload

Star Wars Dark Forces

Another throwback entry, Star Wars: Dark Forces was first released in the mid-1990s, for Windows, Mac, and the PlayStation.

Classic Reload has brought this oldie to the web, where you can enjoy first-person shooting augmented by multiple floors of exploration as you (Kyle Katarn) carry out your mercenary mission to usurp the Empire’s “Dark Trooper Project.”

This thing is definitely retro, with plenty of boopity-boppity musical beeps and keyboard controls to make you feel young — or frustrated — or both — again.

If you’re looking for a Star Wars game from the dark years between the release of Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace, this one has you covered.

Check out Star Wars: Dark Forces here.

StarWars Games Online

StarWars Games Online

We’ll finish up (for now, at least), with another library of Star Wars browser games.

StarWars Games Online exists pretty much just to pull together these types of timewasters (I mean that in the most reverential way possible) for our pleasure.

Currently sporting around 50 different titles, StarWars Games Online should be able to satisfy most of your Force-driven moods.

Want to be part of the Star Wars Rebels team? There’s a game for that.

Need a Darth Maul fix? StarWars Games Online has you covered,

Feel more like some Yoda Clone Wars action? You got it.

There seem to be a couple of glitches loading on certain browsers (I’m having trouble with Chrome today, for example), but you can probably figure that out. You’re a Star Wars fan, after all.

Technology ain’t nothin’ but a peanut.

Check out the games here.

So there you go … a whole batch of Star Wars browser games for your entertainment pleasure.

Did you find any gems here? Are there any great games I missed?

Let me know in the comments.

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